The Headmaster’s Address

Dear visitor to the website of Gimnazija Šentvid!

At Gimnazija Šentvid, we recognize that knowledge is a value and foundation upon which we build. During the period that young people spend at our school, they enhance and enrich the knowledge they acquire, while also gaining new experiences, skills, and abilities that are crucial for the future.

This is a time of various levels of education, where numerous bonds are formed, and lasting friendships are forged. The stories of many who have chosen Gimnazija Šentvid confirm that they made the right choice.

Experienced teachers and other staff at the school collaborate with students, guiding them and assisting them during their formative years. We create many opportunities for our students to recognize and develop their abilities and to achieve their set goals. We enable young people to discover themselves, their talents, and capabilities. We encourage independence and responsibility, engage in conversations and collaboration, and value good and respectful interpersonal relationships.

Explore our website, and you will discover even more!

Nataša Koprivnikar, Headmaster